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Sticky Mats

Maxons sticky mats effectively prevent foot-borne and wheel-borne contamination from entering controlled areas by pulling dirt and debris off passing surfaces. These floor mats are composed of 30 layers of polyethylene films, coated with water-based acrylic adhesive in our ISO Class 6 cleanroom (Cleanroom Class 1,000). They are available in 3 colors (white, blue or grey) and 4 standard or customized sizes to fit your needs.

Sticky Mats

Product Series




30-layer high-strength sticky floor mats

30-layer medium-strength sticky floor mats

30-layer low-strength sticky floor mats



Sticky Rollers

cleanroom sticky tacky rollers

Maxons sticky rollers are designed for effective surface cleaning of walls, floors, equipment and work surfaces in controlled environments. These rollers are made of multiple layers of perforated polyethylene coated with acid free (pH 7) water-based acrylic adhesive rolled on a plastic core.

The sticky rollers are available in low, medium and high adhesive strength, made to order in your custom dimensions to meet your unique requirements.

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cleanroom sticky tacky floor mats
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